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25th February 2018 
Horse sense coaching #01

How can horses help me?

The way the horses help is actually quite simple:

The coaches set up artificial situations, using a combination of props and metaphor to emulate real life situations. The horses are then lead, or simply observed, as we allow them to interact with the obstacles we have created. Horses react in the here and now to what is really happening in the here and now, so, for example, if we try and hide how we feel, and most of us do this on autopilot, the horse will still react to what we actually feel, which is where the enormous power lies. We might work with metaphor, they always go with truth.


We set a goal, something we really want to do, but never quite manage for some reason that we can't quite figure out. We set the metaphor using the obstacle, so the goal becomes going over a small jump for example, and then we see what the horse does as we approach and navigate the path we have chosen. This scenario usually brings up emotions in us if we have been genuine in our choice of what we need to work on. Remember here,that horses are congruent, they don't pretend, and will only respond to our "real" feelings.

Once we are able to truly see and understand our current feelings, we can then decide what options we have to move towards our goal, and put in place a way forward that we can test right here and now with our metaphor. Sometimes we choose right straight away, we know this because the horse responds in the way we wish, or perhaps it takes a few attempts before we truly find our right path. However it is, however long it takes, the horses response will lead us to our truth, and this is usually much, much quicker than if we are left mulling over our options ourselves.

There are many benefits of working in this way. First, and known to be of huge value is that we usually work in the open. The combination of daylight and fresh air has always been a great tonic, especially when people have any form of depression. Second, we are not alone when we do this work, we have one of these beautiful animals as our guide and companion. So often we can feel isolated when we are working on our own journeys, but having a horse that reacts to what you are doing can make all the difference as we struggle to overcome and change our ingrained beliefs and patterns of behaviour. Also not to be underestimated is the "wow" factor as we work with these magnificent beasts, and the deep sense of spiritual release as we walk among them out in the fields.

The very best way to get a sense of the power of the work is to come and experience it for yourself. Call me now for details.