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You and your pony

I can help you to find or regain confidence in riding your own horse or pony.

We loose confidence for all sorts of reasons ranging from the basic being "over horsed", i.e. having an animal that doesn't match our experience, through to having had an accident that leaves us traumatised and hurt. My approach is to always focus on you, I am not a horse behaviourist, I am an expert in people behaviour.

My belief is that once we can accept the present situation, understand why we are feeling the way we are, release and process any outstanding locked up emotion and fear, then we are free to move on in our lives. This process is the same for our riding. If you are fearful then your pony will be fearful as it looks to you as the leader. If you are calm and confident your pony will also be calm and confident in you as it's leader. If, however, the pony has been so traumatised in its past it may not be able to follow your lead, or if you have been traumatised in the past and are unable to take the lead, your pony will simply revert to herd behaviour and the "flight/fight/freeze". This reaction sometimes results in total loss of control and yet another bad riding experience for you, which is also potentially dangerous to both you and your horse for example if you are hacking in traffic.

There are some shocking statistics for the number of accidents involving horses on our roads, and the BHS is campagining for better understanding of safety and prevention of accidents.. I offer the chance for individuals to really understand how their relationship with their horse is central to riding safely and having the best experience possible.

Take back control

The better you understand yourself, the better you will understand your relationship with your horse. As you develop your self awareness you will find yourself increasingly confident to adapt and challenge your old beliefs about your horse or pony, and following this you will deepen your relationship and expand your riding horizons.... with me at your side, gently promoting and exploring what might be happening in your mind as you try new experiences you will gain insight and confidence in yourself and then your horse will follow you wherever you want to go.
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