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25th February 2018 
Weight loss #01

A whole new approach to weight loss.

If you have found your way to this section of my website I guess you are interested in reading how my approach to weight loss might help you.

I am not a dietician, I don’t have any weight loss solutions, or products to sell, or new fangled eating regimes. Please don’t be put off by this.

I simply have time to listen, to understand your struggles, to see the real you that has been buried all this time. My approach to take the emphasis OFF the food and the diet, as the trouble with all the diets is that they make you think of eating the whole time, and actually there is SO much more to life than eating. My aim is to help you rediscover your potential, your interests, your personal relationships with your self and others.

I am passionate about changing the actual focus of your mind so that you can recover the ability to “eat to live” rather than “live to eat”.

I am very experienced in helping people process trauma and build self esteem, both of which have significant impact on potential, long term, weight loss.

Sounds simple, and the theory is…. But the practice (like so many things) is more difficult and so people tend to need therapy in order to start to dismantle the old ways and beliefs and begin to think differently (quite literally), and put in new ways.

I am qualified, and willing to walk alongside you in this. I can visit you at home if you are unable to get into my office, for whatever reason. My upstairs office may be a challenge for you in the early days, but challenge is good.

For my weight loss therapy I offer a free initial consultation where you can share your story, if you wish, and we can talk over what I offer as a therapist.

Please call me today if you are sitting feeling miserable and isolated, scared for your health, your life.

For targeted weight loss information always visit your GP.

For further information please contact me.

My details are:

Phone number 07540 725485.

Please leave me a message if I am unable to answer when you telephone

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Extra support can be found from OA , (Overeaters Anonymous) the less well know partner of AA.