Emotional Regulation

How to regulate when stress is high and talking just isn't enough.

Traditional talking therapies offer time and space for people to talk about and re-experience life events that have impacted them. This tried and tested method can be extended to include techniques that work by targeting the nervous system itself.

The Vagus system.

To understand how the targeted techniques work it can be useful to understand how the nervous system, and specifically the vagal nerve system works. In this approach to therapy we will explore how we respond to threat, and how we can train ourselves to remain calm even in the face of moderate threat.

The basics.

The basics, which so often get overlooked, are food and sleep. Most of us know we should eat "5 a day of fruit and veg" and balance protein, fats, and carbohydrates. Few of us really understand the significance of what we eat on our whole body experience, including our immune system and our mental health.

Likewise, we all know we need a good nights sleep.... but what actually even is sleep???

Working with me, we will unlock diet and sleep and help to place these vital aspects of everyday living at the centre of emotional well being.


Emotional Freedom Techniques; EFT; are beginning to crop up everywhere as the potency of "tapping" is gaining medical respect. In my therapy practice we will explore some of the basics and I will help you to find the best ways for using these methods. I can also signpost to further information and specialist EFT therapists.

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