Remote sessions

Remote sessions

Remote sessions. Tin cans

There are many exceptionally good reasons remote therapy has been shown to be an excellent alternative to the more traditional face to face session. Some of these reasons include:

* Remote counselling sessions allow my clients to come from all over the UK.

* Clients choose me because I fit their needs not purely because I am local.

* Sessions are easier to fit into busy schedules, no need to factor in travel time.

* Clients feel comfortable in their own environment.

* Sessions are less disrupted due to transport/weather/illness.

How it works

I offer telephone or virtual sessions via zoom, skype or facetime. I work remotely from a private office in my home. I encourage my clients to be equally comfortable in their own private, confidential space.

The rules around confidentiality remain the same as in any therapy setting, as do the logistics around payment and cancellation. I require payment on the day of the session and provide bank details for the transfer.

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