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Coming for counselling can be very daunting, people can be put off before they have even come through the door. I recognise this and use my training, experience and myself to make my office a safe, comfortable space.

My therapist training began with a BACP accredited diploma in Integrative Counselling. This has given me a very sound base upon which I am constantly adding further trainings to help me understand and work with my clients. I have taken great interest in courses looking at the effects of trauma and abuse. I have also trained to work as a play therapist in primary school and hold a level 5 a certificate in child and adolescent counselling. I am a fully trained Samaritan. I have also trained as an equine assisted life coach. As a coach I find that I am able to help people look towards the future and put in place strategies to make their dreams a reality. If you then add in a pony or two the process is transformed into something of wonder.

I have a wide range of experience. I am currently working in private practice, with a national private health care provider and a number of Employer Assisted Therapy programmes, (providing therapy services for companies including Tesco, Ministry of Defence, Royal Mail and Ministry of Justice) In the recent past I have been employed as a student counsellor at The University of Winchester and The Olive Branch, a Christian counselling charity in Winchester. I have also worked in schools and for the NHS. I really enjoyed meeting all the people in these places, each person bringing their unique experience and take on life. I have been humbled by the sheer bravery shown by clients as they face their issues, gain insight and learn new skills.

I find that my passion for life, my love of music, my menagerie, and my family (of course) help make it possible for me to commit to my clients as I work with them, and find time for myself when I am not working.

I work in a way that respects your experience and I value you as an individual, whether you come alone or together with your partner. My aim is to hear what you have to say, and to help you explore what has brought you to me. You are always the expert, I am there to walk alongside to support you and to try and see the world as you see it.

I like to use creative experiences too. So I sometimes encourage people to use drawing, music, writing and imaginative visualisations (including dreams), to look for metaphor. It can be easier to tap into our sub conscious, and see what really might be going on, if we are able to visualise the issue. This works especially well when issues do not present themselves clearly.

Whatever, and however, your personal issues are experienced I welcome you.

Call me on 07540 725485 if you want to talk any of this over with me before making the decision to take back control of your life and walk through my door. I really look forward to hearing from you.


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