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Equine assisted therapy.

I am a helpful little chap, in fact I am so helpful, it’s my name! I may be only a few hands high, but I have a big heart, a ginormous tummy and four sturdy legs, with four shiny hooves (helping hooves no less tee hee) which can’t stop themselves from running to be by Abi and Jenni’s sides when they meet and greet the wonderful people that come and see us. I think I heard that some of the people that come are feeling sad or worried or think that they don’t matter to anyone…. Well, they matter to me! Especially when they talk to me, pat me and brush me and make me feel like the bestest “noblest steed” in the whole world!
I would like to share some of my thoughts with you as I learn about the people that come here. I am sorry that I won’t be able to tell you their names; I may be a very noble steed indeed, but my memory for names is shocking; and I also know I will never, ever, tell any secrets they tell me (I can’t talk for a start… although I seem to have mastered this typing lark…!). What I would like you to know about is how wonderful my friends are, how they get happy from being sad and feeling alone. How I notice that hands which start out shy and broken, mend and become useful and nurturing and how happy this makes everyone, especially me.
I also hope to learn a bit more about how the human mind works and share this too. This might be quite hard for a pony! I know already that humans are very complicated. I also know, however, that we share a common evolutionary heritage (read that in a book….) so there are parts of our brains we share, which means we sort of understand each other especially when we join in an experience. There is so much to think about and I need a sit down now, so I will talk lots more about shared experience next time.
Now, where did I put that hoof oil…….? (shiny hooves don’t happen all on their own you know…) Helpful X

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