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Helpful’s Christmas Blog:

I am a very lucky pony. I have a home, food and friends. When things go wrong for me, I can rely on the fact that I am cared for and cherished. As I said, I am a very lucky pony.

I know that too many others are not so lucky as me. I met 2 young people recently who through absolutely no fault of their own found themselves on hard times, not even sure where they could safely sleep at night. These young people, however, were so happy to meet me. They showed such courage just by turning up. They hadn’t had any experience of being with ponies, but came anyway, even though it was very cold and rather muddy. They seemed to really enjoy just standing by me and stroking me, once they had built up trust that I wasn’t going to hurt them. Once they properly realised that I wasn’t planning on anything they relaxed, and I relaxed… it was right nice! They led me round and round and even got me doing some tricks…. And I am not normally one to jump at doing tricks… (see what I did there……).

It got me thinking that if such a simple thing, leading a pony round a muddy field, could make these young people so happy what must the rest of their lives be like? And then I felt sad.

Christmas is a time when everything is hyped up. Good things seem to be better, even MacDonald’s are selling carrots for reindeer this year! But it seems to me that if good things are better then bad, sad things are worse. Lonely people feel lonelier, hurt people feel more hurt, poor people feel left out of celebrations as budgets can’t stretch any further.

As a pony I feel I can’t help so much with these great big things, I am good at little things, but you humans need to do the big things. Some charities are really brilliant, and many are working in and around rich Winchester to try and help. Mostly though, the help comes from small acts of generosity and kindness, and actually, we can all do those.

Merry Christmas!

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