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For individuals or couples

People come for counselling for many and varied reasons. Some of the things people seek counselling help are;

• Feeling isolated and alone
• Scared of being judged, so cannot share difficult emotions
• Have past issues clouding decisions of today
• Want to become less dependent on medication to sort things out
• Want to take back some control, dignity and self-worth
• Find themselves addicted to something, (drink, drugs, sex, food, shopping,….. the list is endless), using the power of the addiction to manage anxious feelings
• OCD, where rituals and anxiety are so locked in together normal daily life becomes impossible
• Where depression casts a shadow over everything, life is bleak, the outlook negative things are pointless
• When someone sees staying alive as pointless and seriously consider taking their life. (and if this is you right now I urge you to make contact right now click Samaritans )
• When the loss of a loved one feels unbearable.

Relationship counselling may be able to help both of you if:

• You feel that you are not being heard in the relationship
• If there seems so much anger and hurt it is impossible to discuss anything anymore
• Sex and intimacy are no longer part of your relationship
• When trust has been lost due to affairs
• When work fills all the spare time available for family, so family are side-lined
• THERE IS A WILLINGNESS to listen to the other partner
• A DESIRE to “make a go of things”, even if that may mean a sacrifice
• A COMMITMENT to set aside some time and money each week to concentrate on the relationship.

In order for the counselling to be of any benefit the final points, willingness, desire and commitment are the most important.

If you and your partner feel that you would like to discuss anything more with me please telephone 07540 725485 for an appointment.

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